Day 1

I was up at 7. Showered and raced down to th bank to get a photo copy of my checking account at the request of my landlord who lost my check and needed to know where it was cashed. RBC in Toronto somewhere. I returned home. Feeling accomplished. Task complete.

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My video work is my signature

my video work is my signature. well i am not sure. but an artist has a signature that one can find in all their work. that signature is often eschew in art. I don’t always sign my paintings. But if I give them away I do sign them. this deliberate inconsistency reveals my identity crisis. […]

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hey everyone, here is a props list. cookie tin moleskin pocket book mobility scooter ramp to rear parking lot van with scooter lift and hand controls business offices of leb homes  ~i am a Strategy and Design Artist alb home cleaning is the name of my first business proposal, which is a dreadful proposal for […]

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