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Watch “Why must artists be poor? | Hadi Eldebek” on YouTube

Why must Artists be poor? Fitch Elron-d. Greetings friends! I have come to embrace you at your door with many gifts of beautiful experimental sound to enchant your minds. First, let me show my recognition of your valuable attention to my vision of becoming an animated feature film maker-distributor, tags are inherent to the production process.  #fitchmakes #anamatedfeature… Continue reading Watch “Why must artists be poor? | Hadi Eldebek” on YouTube

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My video work is my signature

my video work is my signature. well i am not sure. but an artist has a signature that one can find in all their work. that signature is often eschew in art. I don't always sign my paintings. But if I give them away I do sign them. this deliberate inconsistency reveals my identity crisis.… Continue reading My video work is my signature

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hey everyone, here is a props list. cookie tin moleskin pocket book mobility scooter ramp to rear parking lot van with scooter lift and hand controls business offices of leb homes  ~i am a Strategy and Design Artist alb home cleaning is the name of my first business proposal, which is a dreadful proposal for… Continue reading Props