General Strike Sept 2016

I work through imagination and paint images that depict imaginary events. In the painting below I created a poster like image for a general strike in kingston Ontario, where I live. i imagine it taking place on Queen Street on Sept 24th 2016

Below is an image of the he top third.

Oil and Acrylic on Stretched Canvass

5 ‘ X  3’

$2000.00 CND plus shipping.


I will use the funds to support support my art practice.

our first event for my project called disabilityheard took place at the base of city hall

we entered from the left –north side– down the curving ramp to the picnic tables

we will had some snacks to share and made small signs that said disabilityheard.

Photo on 2016-08-29 at 12.56 PM #2

time 2-4 sunday afternoon if it doesn’t rain

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