Musical Intervention 1

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dear A,

Hi A, how are you!? sorry, I've been awful out of touch. I really did want to see your recent work. i am finding going out difficult so i put my mind to use. I have an idea for a new project. It's a TV series about local people in the community and their stories.… Continue reading dear A,

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via Rough Draft On this 12x16 inch canvas, I capture, in a slide show the animation within the painting. As I fill the canvas the camera records the dramatic movements of puppet-like figures who emerge from the brush strokes. Materializing a seductive painterly drama before your very eyes. Red/pale blue/black and white shapes appear as swept round brush… Continue reading unfinished

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Watch “Why must artists be poor? | Hadi Eldebek” on YouTube

Why must Artists be poor? Fitch Elron-d. Greetings friends! I have come to embrace you at your door with many gifts of beautiful experimental sound to enchant your minds. First, let me show my recognition of your valuable attention to my vision of becoming an animated feature film maker-distributor, tags are inherent to the production process.  #fitchmakes #anamatedfeature… Continue reading Watch “Why must artists be poor? | Hadi Eldebek” on YouTube