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new work

via In Progress On this 12x16 inch canvas, I capture, in a slide show the animation within the painting. As I fill the canvas the camera records the dramatic movements of puppet-like figures who emerge from the brush strokes. Materializing a seductive painterly drama before your very eyes. Red/pale blue/black and white shapes appear as swept round brush marks,… Continue reading new work

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Watch “APTN National News December 27, 2017” on YouTube I've been reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. A novel about Skywoman and when she met eve. Well, I'm only on chapter 2 or three, so it's about more than that. I put it down for a while. But will go dig it out after I post this story. My attention span for reading is… Continue reading Watch “APTN National News December 27, 2017” on YouTube