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I’m reviewing Clara Nevins talk titled:”Creating the Story.” and “How to Create a Movement | Clara Nevins | TEDxYouth@WoodlandHills” on YouTube here

tope five things 1. creating a story who you are, a story of self, a story of us, a story of now. and why it is important Mission Statement: (elevator conversations) bridge the divide 4 hour long conversations. bridge the divide where youbnfge people can Identity as an organization. structure. moderated op ed publishing. pro and con sides discussion topics wide ranging 2 sentances to two paragraphs. Embasidors engage in comunity logo networking inovative social media creative networks do something no one else has done before. twitter feed events getting people's cards relying on others web of connections partnering with other organizations emailed 25 bridge alliance usa local newspapers reaching out refinery 29 snapchat stories september call teen vouge, and huffington post review. 5 components: 1.story 2.mission statement 3.crafting an identity 4.networking