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Here is a scene from the movie:

evening september 2016

scene 5

m’s apartment on the 7th floor

o and e sit on the grey sofa

f is on their scooter and s sits on a high-backed black leatherette chair. m on another near the glassed in balcony sits briefly between there and the kitchen

S asks many questions. it’s like a business meeting in some ways  an urgency underpins the  I energy of the room.

A group of new friends trying to relax.  hanging out enjoying getting to know each other. 

S says snap to it get a paradigm. Sure O says you need to marry the theoretical with the real. the practical. do the things. get the paperwork going. I don’t know – whatever it is that we are doing. do that.

what are we doing asks s?

I don’t know, l interjects . i hate getting old. its not fair. especially since i’m only just started my life.

were hanging out on a beautiful september night. the moon is full.


i hope we all had a good time.

Of course it was a spark. Wherever M and I meet there is a spark.

M sits smiling, shushes boisterous  s. m’s roommate is home. it’s late. we are all animated. excited. learning.

There is cotton candy tea from David’s Tea. M got it from the advice of a kid also buying tea. there’s a lot to chose from)

I sit listening. nodding. recognizing words. Going off on flights of my own which are to far. not generous. But still i try to bring myself together. to attend to the people in the room leave space.

But we are busy trying to solve this question we have about accessable accountable space.

sometimes you can’t see past the next step or you are looking in the wrong direction or you just don’t know how to delegate. Well that is an interesting and revelatory moment.

These are the notes on our last contact. First, o i think i courted you mom for a couple of weeks in february.  and we’re friends. so anyway it came to me after you talked about your dreams and such that you might be better qualified to lead the disability film and media institutional than i. i’ve been harbouring these thoughts and ideas and dreams so closely to my heart that i forgot one must learn to let go to let a bird fly and to learn how to fly too. so lets learn. lets learn what it takes to build a new institutional element. or whatever.
thats me. I need to think differently about things. i’m a cog but not the engine. i’m a catelus but not an organizer. i’m a painter and maybe we can sell some of my art to finance this thing. We’ll need a money structure bank account income outcome wage goals and labour structure or whatever it is we what to build. Sorry i’m not practical just wordy.
so i need someone to help guide me to delegate. Suggest an alternative structure and working method and we can try it out. I think we are already a force. but with out a general commander. No. That’s not right. And perhaps disabilityheard is not the right name. perhaps it is a decoy. we are rising. Here is what I am talking about.
Look here at this website. at these institutions. This is what i want here in Kingston. This is our city. Right?

written and conceived by lisa e figge


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