So, I am building my empire. I’ve just finished my Phd in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University.  So, from now on you can call me Doctor.  Your welcome.  I’m working on a few different things all at once. But the quick facts are that i am Fitch Elron a multimedia performance artist and this institution is my work. My current process is simple. i am learning to report on my disability experience.

that includes learning to blog

i might make a lot of mis steps but that i am told is what makes us unique and interesting. anyway that’s what i’m up to.

changing the world one disability report after another.

yours in the struggle,


soon i’ll add another page.

  • I currently have three build sites. The Pause at (figgafuture), Studio226wordpress.com, and this one disabilityheard.com

i can’t understand how they fit together in the big picture of me and my art and my ideology and my bull. But here is where we can sort through the potentials. 

I’m not sure why but i could not do it otherwise. I invite you to join me in solidarity with others fighting for public spaces. 

my world is yours

Photo on 2016-08-29 at 12.56 PM #2
lisa with four small signs on skews, one is of a dove, one is a heart, one is an envelope with the word disabilityheard printed on the front. You can’t read it in the pic. The last is a small box with a heart cut in the top. You can’t see from here but the nside has a little bit of pink glitter. and the whole idea is to make signs of the times. Well these are our times. Make signs. Peace out. ~fitch

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