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On this 12×16 inch canvas, I capture, in a slide show the animation within the painting. As I fill the canvas the camera records the dramatic movements of puppet-like figures who emerge from the brush strokes.

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Materializing a seductive painterly drama before your very eyes.

Red/pale blue/black and white shapes appear as swept round brush marks, mixing on the unprimed cotton canvas.

From here, if I can find the desire, I will stitch and build puppets that define the movement. I will gather together the materials. Some flowing blue fabric will form the sweeping pale blue figure.

Now imagine, if you will, your own life, drawn out in the reality of your environment. Now, colour it in with trees and flowers, animals and bees, birds, and moon rock.

That is how I see my job as an artist.


Please consider donating to my practice by purchasing a piece of artwork. I have lots of watercolour drawings on paper and large and small paintings on canvass with oil and acrylic.  When you are ready let me know. You can contact me for a tour of current and past work at


2. Please take a moment to listen to  “The Standing Rock resistance and our fight for indigenous rights | Tara Houska”,

Tara Houska reminds me that indigenous women and their families are holocaust survivors. She reminds me that governments have Treaty obligations.


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