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Watch “APTN National News December 27, 2017” on YouTube

I’ve been reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. A novel about Skywoman and when she met eve. Well, I’m only on chapter 2 or three, so it’s about more than that. I put it down for a while. But will go dig it out after I post this story.

My attention span for reading is short and the novel is rich with imagery of Turtle Island here where we live. By all accounts with a few tweaks of hegemony, it could well find her way back into the imaginations of the young.

There is so much going badly. With the acquittal of Tina Fontaines murder trial, people are coming awake to the compound fractures indigenous women are facing, have faced and are now signalling ways to solve. APTN is part of that awakening.

I hope to put together some of my own thoughts and research on the work of being an ally to indigenous people. Where i see the institutional intersections collide from my experience is in the disability arena.

All for now. More soon.


bests always,


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