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“What do others think?” I wonder inside my head, with the voice I use to talk myself through all my challenges. I am practiced, precise, and scattered. Or not really very good at anything but I once was very good at sewing.

Thinking of my sewing business: I was fussy and focused. I worked hard to balance speed with good quality.  I went off the rails regularly. Off the rails is kinda skidding out onto the road with too much work. Going along to fast for too long a period. Skidding to a halt or tumbling with a load of things. And of course taking longer because of cock-ups and M.S.

To redo, refund, or just be astonished at my dumb mistakes was always humiliating. My pride in making things was a legend in my family.

Soon I’d learned html, had created a product, photographed it, and was taking orders doing good sales. Disappointingly, I wasn’t able to take it to the next level. The internet being, then still somewhat unimaginable. More later.

Nevertheless, I got an interview about my small fledgling and the Cobourg press broadcast it on tv. I was proud and embarrassed at the same time.

I made 24 and they sold for $50.00 a bag. They were made from medium heavy tapestries which i bought at bargen prices in Trenton’s off sizes fabric bin. An out of the way ends outlet. I figured out how to make these bags quick and easy. I add machine embroidery.  This was a colossal time sink.  Unlike the bags the embrodery machine took a lot of practice. Designs to longer. And so I charged for transfering them into my PEF format.

Anyway, the bags themself, they were quick and pretty easy. I thought I would make a business of them. I have lots of zipper left if someone wants to market those up. Contact me and I will come up with a licencing fee.

I hear curling is still popular.


Fitch Elron-d


Bored of bags, I moved on.

I made gowns, bathing suits, tent covers. Anything you could imagine being covered in fabric.


Curling bags (I bet they would still sell.)






capacitor release

when two differently charged plates sit after discharge.


power required is manual.


gepress and hold:

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