dear A,

Hi A, how are you!? sorry i’ve been awful out of touch. i really did want to see your recent work but i am finding going out difficult. And the time it seems, while just, has just slipped away. lol.

I have an idea for a new project. It’s a TV series about local people in the community and their stories. I’ve already got two people who want to tell their stories and make a video documentary. ambitious people. one wants to start school as a disabled mature student in 2018, and the other, a filmmaker and fellow chair user, is making a film about his life as a queer disable man. Both are looking for a producer, director, crew, and team of creative people including writers. I’m interested in making this happen for them. Although, i’m not sure what this will take. It needs to integrate a wide range of able and disabled bodies into the fabrics of social life.  I’ve been calling this large idea a disability film and media studio. Although i think it can be more than that. A school. A country wide learning program. Whatever. What i know is its great to learn by doing. I am in the early stages of writing a proposal. For it to be in the old blockbuster on queen street, you can imagine.

despite countless failures to move forward with real concrete steps, i continue to nurture the ideas. There will be a green garden, forest on top that pumps out clear fresh air. Ya it will. And it is a creation of love. (An idea of a grotto, of sorts. You know what a grotto is?)
This is an accessible garden for people with disabilities to grow their own medicine. We will find a way to do that together. I believe we will also build an elevator on the East side of the building that spoons out into the parking lot garden. the elevator will be glass. and you can see out but nobody can see in. Or maybe there is some visual component where one can choose. anyway it is never shut off and anyone can go up in it at anytime to garden or weave new vines and structures from the fine forest of willows and saskatoons that the ancestors left for us to grow.

I am drawn out now. time for a nap.

Your’s in the journey,

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