There is a beat that my Apple computer controlled me by. 

I’m on a shirt tether. I can’t remember a password. I just can’t. 

Anyhow. I,be been reading a wee bit about what people are upset about in Canadian politics. 

I,m quit disconnected from my old lives. They seem like dreams. Warnings. Touchstones. 
And dates. My God. I can,TS remember dates well. But there’s lots of paperwork to get the exact stsredates down. Right?

I went to school at ym young.  Starting in 1970. Maybe. A pretty significant date. 
But why, you ask? 

Well 1970 was the year my family moved west of Eden. 

Now in editorializing. Everything I say is truth and fiction dancing. And so there is no obligation to treat it in any regard.