what i want

so i’ve been talking about this idea i have for an art intervention piece. i’ts kind of big and exciting. i want to make film. i want to be a filmmaker.

but planning and attention and all that is a problem. I’ve been trying to figure out for years how to write out my ideas. It has taken a great deal of time for my ideas to surface. my main driving desire is to refine my art practice down till i find that one thing that needs doing. in order to fix the course of things i’ve had to overcome a lot. i’ve done the usual things. Job, marriage, divorce, marriage, baby, baby, separation. home sewing and sign painting business, airframe training, integral systems training t.q 3-5. instructors training, Karen Peperkorn’s fine art focus program and now all the university levels. i’ve sewn many many things and painted oodles and doodles of images on my way through, filling several notebooks a year, in order to get to the place i want to be, which is here. School has helped me see how much is happening all at once all over the world. There are some people with really big microphones and the power that those microphones produce. For example Royalty still accomplishes itself through media relations. and The y still hold land all over the world to heavy taxes. We know this because Canada paid the Royal Family a bundle.(notice it’s not just the queen we are talking about.) Now are you curious about what’s going on today? I am!

You can follow me here, or here, or here,on one of my project blogs.

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