Film and Media Projects Checklist and sighnup sheets




opening credits

margaret Attwod

helen Humphries

the greatGatsby

! find quotes and lay over my video work from waling in the forest

that film is on a laptope desktop that Mark uses.

Strange that it has to start there. That laptopis sitting on a desk cluttered with games, newspapers, little half painted minatures.

the lights are bare

brightness holds a central place over the desk. panning back across and in tthen righttwards the suitcase.

text is slowly layered in with scenes from handmaidens tail, something new in tv with dogs in the woods

the title of Humpries Novel Dogs



Graduation kicked my ass.

I was up all night (i think) or perhaps i slept white well.

anyway i was up at dawn, at f at 6 and 7.

Chelsea arrived at 6;30.

FINE. I HAD MY SHOWER WHILE SHE Made my coffee and cerial. I insist on getting into the shower on my own. For some reason. That seems to be my anchor.

Then she helped me get my pants and socks and boots and dress on. Leah had brought over a sweet jacket, sweater and boots to try on.

I’ve got dozens or emails to send. First to L at the Ban Righ.


and book

thursday evening at 7 pm.


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