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hey everyone,

here is a props list.

cookie tin

moleskin pocket book

mobility scooter

ramp to rear parking lot

van with scooter lift and hand controls

business offices of leb homes  ~i am a Strategy and Design Artist

alb home cleaning is the name of my first business proposal, which is a dreadful proposal for a home cleaning business. a good idea really, but i had no interest in running  a business. especially a home cleaning business. i am very thorax when it comes to cleaning and organizing, a fractured attention capacity looks like a lack of follow through, nor clear vision. i believe most of us want to have control of where we live and under what circumstances.

leb homes is a business proposal that taps the great disability void. i mean the big lives we live, despite the multiplying ways society disables us. individuality byway of multiple intersecting practices of identity capture is a receding achievement. maybe for good reason as the construct of human nature is to narrow. what i am proposing is a business that serves a community in how it wants and receives.  we strive for a business model based industry gold standard proposal for anyone experiencing disability to access. disability is the site of creative living. Easy. Lets produce some Cultural Artifacts.



intersectional creative

disability cultural lens





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