disability stories, Elevators of Kingston, Empire Theatre _A film, first movie script, studio226

chasing a dream

poetic intervention

the darkness fades in. time is speeding up.

in this section; a montage of daily struggles.

in them on sees how the characters life has become more brutal as the threads of connection they have with others are cut and forgotten as they rage over the unfairness.

they are wheeling from being trafficked but have escaped.

worried about unexpectedly drowning.

and wet from swimming as the evening chills.



laying on a bed; lens flared.

coming into focus

in the background a heavy beat is pounding in their headset.

flipping through bitch magazine.


anger seeps out during the mid-morning break when all the students begin to cam up and prepare for a fight. after all the other classrooms, with their binders under their arms in colourful sweaters, pants and skirts– flashing.

costumes knit styles from elsewhere.


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