hi it’s just over a month since i started working on disabilityheard which is my umbrella concept word or a keyword container for holding a set of projects, policies, practices, and actions, together.

there is also a learning philosophy that holds the work together under the rubric disabiliyheard as well as the beginning if a business plan to monetize  all the activities towards creating community wealth.

i’m working on new infrastructure.

i am writing a proposal for an institutional augmentation, on the will to enhance all of our worlds together, in intersectional solidarity,  rising each of us towards a sustainable (awful word-but until i know what i mean i’ll use it as a placeholder) and full up life world. One that is yet unwritten.

today i started down the road of entrepreneurship.

and i begin by asking what does that even mean?


yours in the learning curve,

fitch Photo on 2016-09-04 at 5.35 PM #2



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