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Well, it has been a year and a half since i started working on disabilityheard which is my umbrella concept word or keyword container for holding a set of projects, policies, practices, and actions, together.

there is also a learning philosophy that holds the work together under the rubric disabiliyheard as well as the beginning of a plan to monetize some part of this thinking and the activities that follow, towards creating community wealth.

i have been working on new infrastructure with no concrete measurable results yet. obviously, art is not enough.

my writing proposal for an institutional augmentation has failed. Even as i admit this my will to enhance all of our worlds together, in intersectional solidarity,  rising each of us towards thriving and full up life world continues unabated.

The rage i feel at these roadblocks grows inside me.

Sadly, my attempt to acquire direct funding for my own situation is stalled and again i have failed the test of managing my own life.  My attempt at getting my military pension upgraded to a disability pension are ignored and now actively the Canadian government fights me on this point. Even though i had to stop working because of disability, motherhood and my ethical orientation. And the grievances I have inherited grow. I am held in suspension. Tied up in bureaucracy. Lacking access to income and bathrooms and food. Despite winning my tribunal last year i am being counter sued on this by the Canadian government. So no light there. As my options continue to narrow for receiving the help with the most mundane tasks like getting to the bathroom and rolling in bed i continue to waste. Nevertheless, my ideas for a solution to my shitty life keep coming.

Yearning for another way.



yours in the learning curve,

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