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planning ahead

so things have been going well enough. i’ve been motoring along my own pathways and monitoring the situation on the ground while also inter connecting on the line

R and i are working on a minute long movie to enter into a travel contest which if we win will pay us $2000. I am relearning how to edit using all the different tools available. and its totally fun and exciting but also exhausting. I’m trynig to manage my self.



i want to shout out my thanks to the water protectors who have gathered at Standing Rock. you make me very proud to be near you

more  here at disabilityheard an institutional timeline in space.

Photo on 2016-08-29 at 12.56 PM #2
lisa with four small signs on skews, one is of a dove, one is a heart, one is an envelope with the word disabilityheard printed on the front. You can’t read it in the pic. The last is a small box with a heart cut in the top.

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