code, failure

learning and making writing and imagining

Here I am trying to figure out how to import my instagram photos. so i import the embedded code and try and paste it to the white space and voila! I fail. But i also learned a lot about accessibility and coding and how important that is going to be from the get go in how i build my studio. because my studio is going to be the disability film institute. we can quibble later about this name. i only choose it because i am so much in motion that i need all the tools. So it’s not going to happen unless i can figure out how to do that myself. Nobody else can teach me what i need to learn. Or am i wrong. of course i need everyone involved. i’ve said that from the start.

Dear Vee, (fictional name)

I wanted to see if you were interested in being on my team.

I’m working on an institution and i know you have a lot of experience inside the university structures across disciplines here at queens.

Anyway thought of you. Wondered what’s up? Are we playing together?

Hope so.


We could get the old team together.

I thought it was a wonderful experience. Well except everyone wasn’t happy. And some of the things ran deep and i couldn’t understand what was going on. Except there was some big feelings and embarrassments and broken furniture. (actually no broken furniture — just a lot of cooperation and grant writing)

then when you realize you have this history of being driven.

and maybe it won’t go away.

i think we should talk as we once did

end of content

ethical dilemma

alter communication

make contact



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