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today’s date = Sunday, May 13th 10:30 pm.


today i am hanging out in my bedroom, trying to think how i can get these films made. i mean i know how in theory. I have to write to people asking for help. and i have to know exactly what kind of help i need. for example, i want to upgrade my apartment bathroom before i can’t get into it anymore.

so I’m hanging out on the Centre for Independent Living a Toronto peer group. they have a guide on how to give people the tools to tell their stories. which is one of my bigger ambitions. So let’s get started.

First, i’m reading:  http://cilt.ca/cilt-resources/our-histories/




How to re-conceive life once it has gotten too difficult to go on. For more watch “There is no one waiting to save us. We must save ourselves | Lindiwe Mazibuko | TEDxEuston” on YouTube

This is a Journal Journey.

Please join me as i find a disability cultural experience in real time in this blog development space department entry points here.


by the time you get here i’ll be gone. But i’m around. Learning to play new instruments.

“The fool doth think he is wise”

Pen and ink drawing with disabilityheard block letters

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